Beo5 Configuration Tool

The B&O Beo5 remote is a very flexable product, allowing the user to customise it to their personal and product configuration requirements. So, you have ordered your Beo5, but how will it be setup by your dealer, well first he/she will need the complete configuration of your system if they do not already know it. Then you are going to have to consider some or all of the following questions:-
  • Are all my products connected to Masterlink ? if not you need to list the products which are standalone.
  • The first screen which comes up on a Beo5 is called "ZONES" which for most people means ROOMS, the exceptions include having some products in the same room which are controlled independently. You need to list any exceptions or non standard configuration setups and define how you would like them handled otherwise you may get results you had not expected.
  • Some commands in your configuration may be the same in every room and so you may like to have them on the "ZONES" page. Examples are CD and Radio, there's no point in having to make two button presses (Zone then command) when one will work perfectly well.
  • Also consider any "MACROS" you want. A macro is a series of any number of commands you may do on the Beo4 which can be made into one command (Button Push) on the Beo5. This can be particularly useful when getting to certain facilities on Set Top Boxes and alike.
  • The area which most people will focus on is Icons or Logos. The dealers have a large list from most of the major countries of TV and normally state run radio stations, but they will not have any of your local radio station logos. You will need to get these for yourself and supply them to your dealer if you want them added to your Beo5. If you are a dealer or someone who has received the Beo5 Configuration Tool software from their dealer you will find many downloadable resources in the Downloads section.
To DOWNLOAD any logo or icon, just click on the one of them in the Download Section.