Beo5 FAQ

The following is the Beo5 FAQ to date and will be updated as questions arise and the most recent addition are at the top of the list:-
  • QUESTION -- What is the current version of the Beo5 Configuration Software released to dealers ?
  • ANSWER -- The current version Beo5 Configuration Software is 3.87 which also updates the firmware in the Beo5 to version 1.43a. This firmware upgrade is performed during the first download subsequent to the tool being updated.
  • QUESTION -- Can I replace the battery myself or is this a job for my dealer ?
  • ANSWER -- The replacement or removal of the battery should really be done by a B&O dealer or service centre, but if you do decide to do it yourself then you can find detailed instructions HERE .
  • QUESTION -- How can I get into the Beo5 Service Menu to view the various counters
  • ANSWER -- The service menu can only be accessed while the setup menu is displayed. The Service Menu is activated by pressing 0 0 GO within 3 seconds. To access the ‘Digits’ press the ‘+´ field on the screen then press "0" twice followed by the centre dial button. .
  • QUESTION -- What problems does firmware update 1.40a fix ?
  • ANSWER -- It fixes three key problems plus changes some 3rd party control parameters. With the introduction of this firmware the RC5 PULSE1 & PULSE2 signals are now fixed and cannot be modified. -- The Repeating/Continuous IR command in RAW now works which will resolve issues for several members. -- An error was fixed in the handling of what B&O call the "Special Repeat Signal" for 3rd party products. All changes effect 3rd party products, B&O products are uneffected and most 3rd party XML files previously created will not work with this version because they have changed the "Carrier Frequency" definition from being quoted in thousand i.e. 38 means 38 Khz to 38000.
  • QUESTION -- Is it possible to control the red LED on the back at the top of the Beo5 ?
  • ANSWER -- No, you cannot control in any way the red LED at the back of the Beo5
  • QUESTION -- Is it possible to program the Beo5 to provide audio signal through the internal speaker ?
  • ANSWER -- No, you cannot control the internal speaker in any way. The speaker is used for the wheel click sound only.
  • QUESTION -- I heard from my dealer that B&O are producing a wall charger for the Beo5, is this true ?
  • ANSWER -- Yes wall chargers are available and like the table chargers are defined by country as follows Type #1592 - Europe excluding UK & Ireland, 1593 - UK & Ireland, 1594 - US, 1595 - Australia, 1596 - Korea 1597 - 1599 - Japan
  • QUESTION -- Does the Beo5 Configuration Tool work on a Windows Vista system ?
  • ANSWER -- YES it does, but several of the installation steps are different from Windows XP
  • QUESTION -- I am setting up a configuration which includes a DVB-T or DVB-T/S, but I get many icons which do not do anything such as "Audio Languauge" "Channel List" and several others. What is the problem and how can I set these up correctly.
  • ANSWER -- The Beo5 Configuration Tool in-correctly sets up DVB-T icons and their associated "IR" codes. All DVB-T command IR strings must start with TV:EXIT followed by TV:CNTL_WIND followed by 450 milli second delay followed by the command such as TV:CIFFER_1 for "Channel List" If you do not add the delay before the command then the TV will switch channel numbers instead.
  • QUESTION -- The channels were setup by my dealer and all worked well until the broadcast recently changed some of the channel numbers. Is it possible to change the channel numbers myself without having the Beo5 Configuration software or going back to the dealer ?
  • ANSWER -- YES you can and here is the procedure. First press and hold the "standby" button and then press centre OK button which takes you into the SETUP menu. Now press EDIT on the screen and select the zone such as "Lounge" on the screen. You will now see your sources press the source on teh screen you wish to change then select "Channel" by pressing the screen. Use the arrow keys to move the double RED lines to the channel you wish to change, then press the centre OK button. At this point you will have a heading of "Editing Button". Select "Number" with the arrow keys and press OK, now just enter the new number and exit from teh SETUP menu and it is done.
  • QUESTION -- Which products can be operated with Beo5?
  • ANSWER -- All current B&O products and older products, which can be operated by Beo4 today, can be operated with Beo5.
  • QUESTION -- Why is there no standard setup on Beo5?
  • ANSWER -- The whole idea behind the Beo5 is customisation of a users setup. The Configuration tool allows the dealer to store templates of typical common configurations as well as the actual customer configuration.
  • QUESTION -- How can you make sure you have placed the Beo5 correctly in the docking station ?
  • ANSWER -- You have to turn the docking station so the cable points backwards, when you place Beo5 in it.
  • QUESTION -- How often will I have to change the battery ?
  • ANSWER -- The expected life of the battery is 5-7 years provided you recharge the batteries in the docking station at regular intevals.
  • QUESTION -- Will a programming remain unchanged when you change the batteries ?
  • ANSWER -- In short YES
  • QUESTION -- As a customer am I able to configure Beo5 myself ?
  • ANSWER -- Users without access to the Beo5 Configuration Tool can only hide and reveal buttons. If you connect a new external source directly to your TV, then the Configuration software is needed to make the changes to the configuration of the Beo5. Simple changes such as moving a TV programme from one channel to another can be done by the user.
  • QUESTION -- How can I clean Beo5 without activating the functions ?
  • ANSWER -- You simply select the lock function in the menu by pressing the centre button of the keypad on the ball to turn off the Beo5.
  • QUESTION -- How many "Zones" can you have on your Beo5 ?
  • ANSWER -- The Beo5 supports up to 24 different zones, but the present link system is limited to 16 zones, so it will not be possible to operate more than 16 zones. However you can only display 12 zones.
  • QUESTION -- What is the benefit of having station logos ?
  • ANSWER -- It means you no longer have to remember the channel numbers of your favourite stations, you instantly identify them through the logo.
  • QUESTION -- I have ordered a Beo5 from my dealer, do I need to give my dealer any information so that he can configure the Beo5 for me?
  • ANSWER -- You should start by making a list of all the TV and Radio stations you use and want on the Beo5. The dealer will have logos for all the main TV & Radio stations in each country, but they will not have any of the local stations. It is suggested that you create your own logos for the local stations and provide them to him to use. Each logo must be no larger than 100 X 44 pixels with 16.7 million colour setting and is normally in BMP format, but JPG and Gif (non animated) are also supported. It is also recommended that the backgound be black. Make a list of your complete configuration including lighting options such as LC2 and Lutron.
  • QUESTION -- My Dealer has given me a copy of the Beo5 Configuration Tool Software and told me it will only run on Windows XP, is this correct because I only have a MAC ?
  • ANSWER -- NO, this is incorrect. Your can use the Beo5 Configuration Software on your MAC provided you are using Parallels Desktop version 3.0
  • QUESTION -- Are there different versions of Beo5 for different countries ?
  • ANSWER -- The Beo5 is the same in all countries of the world and is Type 1682 (P/N 1168218). However the table chargers are different for each country and are packaged and supplied seperately. Therefore be careful when a dealer quotes the price of the Beo5, ensure the price quoted is for the Beo5 AND table charger.
  • QUESTION -- My dealer has told me that he needs to wait for the new Beo5 to be fully charged before the configuration can be uploaded to it. How long does it take to fully charge a new Beo5 ?
  • ANSWER -- It takes five (5) hours to fully charge a fully discharged Beo5.
  • QUESTION -- How many icons can I have on the Beo5 before the memory is full ?
  • ANSWER -- The memory has a capacity for 100 logos, 100 icons across 24 zones, however the current Masterlink can only support a maximum of 16 zones (products), so this is clearly for future expension. Also there is currently a software limit when downloading the configuration file of 2MB (2,048)
  • QUESTION -- Is it possible to have icons for the different zones (rooms normally) instead of the default writing ?
  • ANSWER -- The quick answer is YES, however you will have to create the required icons yourself with a software product like Paintshop Pro or Adobe and then give them to your dealer to add to your Beo5. Another popular product for making buttons is Crystal Buttons at
  • QUESTION -- I have charged the Beo5 over night, but it only lasts a few minutes. What is wrong?
  • ANSWER -- Your Beo5 needs an SW update. Until this is carried out, do the following -- Place the Beo5 in the charger and press the center button for at least 3 seconds to power it down. The display should read "charging", Leave it there for a couple of hours.
  • QUESTION -- My dealer provided me with the Configuration Tool, but when I use it my Beo5 works well, except I can not get it to operate my VCR. Why ?
  • ANSWER -- There was an error in the setup program for the IR-codes. V TAPE reads "V-TAPE", but it should read "V_TAPE" in the IR-table. Your dealer should locate this IR-code in the setup program and correct it to "V_TAPE". There is also a similar with V_SAT. You can manually enter these commands, but there is a software patch which takes the configuration Tool to version 1.02 where these problems are resolved
  • QUESTION -- My dealer says he does not have some of the TV and Radio logos I would like on my Beo5, where can my dealer or me get further logos
  • ANSWER -- The most comprehensive list of world TV and Radio logos can be found HERE
  • QUESTION -- I have heard that I can eject a disk from my Beovision 7, is it true ? if so how do I do it ?
  • ANSWER -- You could eject a DVD even on the AVANT by pressing DVD and holding down the STOP button on the Beo4. To close the DVD tray you press DVD again. On the Beo5 you (if you have the configuration software) or your dealer needs to create an EJECT button
  • QUESTION -- I took my Beo5 back to my dealer to get a few changes made to the configuration, but the dealers PC would no longer detect my Beo5 when connected to the USB
  • ANSWER -- There is currently an outstanding issue which causes this symptom, the workaround is to switch the Beo5 off by pressing and holding the centre "GO" and then switching the Beo5 on again which effectively re-boots the Beo5. If you have never connected the Beo5 to the PC before and the previous action does not solve the problem, then the driver has not been loaded for some reason.

    If the driver did not automatically install and you get the wizard up requesting the driver to be installed. It is looking for a file called "Beo5Usb.inf" located in the following location:-

    C:\Program Files\Bang & Olufsen\Beo5 Configuration Tool\Beo5Driver

    You will need to manually browse to it and you will have to tell the Windows wizard the location twice.

  • QUESTION -- When I try and download the configuration I have created it comes up with "Serialisation Error" and then asks me if I want to download the file anyway. Should I still download the file created ?
  • ANSWER -- The short answer is NO, the errors are usually created when edits have been done with such items as P-and-P and DVB-T and often occurs when icons are deleted and the tool does not handle the re-structure of the XML configuration file correctly. When you do download with errors you may not notice the effects of the errors immediately, but problems there will be.
  • QUESTION -- Can I use my Beo5 to control my Playstation 3 ?
  • ANSWER -- You certainly can control your Playstation 3 provided you use an IR converter.
    There are several types of converter/adapter including WB Electronics RE-BL converter and Nyko Blue-Wave. There are Playstation 3 XML template in the current version of the Configuration Tool and an associated logo can be founded in the Download section. You will need to purchase an IR converter for the Playstation and there are XML files in the download section for Nyko BluWave HERE and the more recent RE-BL HERE The primary advantage to the RE-BL is that it allows for complete power on and power off control of the PS3. Also the more complexed Lintronic box will also do the job and you can find it HERE
  • QUESTION -- When the Configuration Tool goes to download the created Beo5 configuration my PC crashes, what is the problem ?
  • ANSWER --

    If you have Windows XP with Service Pack 2 installed (which means most XP users) and USB Controller type SIS 7001 which is widely used, then you will have a problem with version 1.0 of the Configuration Tool software. Be aware that a lot of vendors use SIS USB chipsets.

    The problems you get can be varied, but one problem symptom which seems to show itself more often than most is when you download your configuration to the Beo5, it crashes Windows XP most often with a "Blue Screen" error message which is about as fatal an error as you can get under Windows. The system will then reboot itself..

    The solution is to update the Beo5 Configuration software to the latest version
  • QUESTION -- What are the CNTL_X where X is a number between 1 and 13 in the Configuration Tool
  • ANSWER --

    The CNTL_X commands where X is a number between 1 and 13 (i.e. CNTL_1 or CNTL_2 etc) are effectively macros themselves because they link to the STB menu commands. What I mean is if you press MENU to bring up your Sky MENU for example on the left hand of the screen, each of the commands are numbered which relate to the CNTL_numbers. So, if a STB menu had say RECORD as number 8 in the menu, then using CNTL_8 would make it RECORD without showing the STB MENU.

    One of the problems with using these CNTL_X commands is they take a little longer to complete their execution. So, if you use a CNTL_X command followed by another command you are likely to get intermittent results because the CNTL_X command may not finished before the next command arrives. So you will need to add a short delay between commands to resolve this issue. 200ms tends to be long enough delay, but the Tool does allow a delay up to 450 Milli Seconds.