Known Issues and Observations
Latest version 3.23 of the Configuration Tool only

  • On some Windows PC's configurations particularly where there is a low amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) and a large Beo5 configuration when the serialisation and subsequent download starts, the system will hang and the process has to be ended with Windows Task Manager. This typically happens on PC systems with RAM of less than 1GB and a download file greater than 1.7 MB
  • If you have a SIS USB controller or one with the SIS chip set included in it, then your PC may not detect your Beo5.
  • Sometimes when you put the Beo5 on its charger base and connect it to the PC, the configuration tool does not detect it unless you switch the Beo5 off and on again.
  • When you send 3rd party RAW codes with delays between them the Beo5 hangs
  • When you assign RC5 protocol commands to hard keys the repeat function does not work because it does not toggle the 3 bit, but it works from the screen
  • Hidden buttons are not recalculated, so if they are subsequent unhidden most do not work correctly or not at all
  • When submenu keys are copied or moved in the configuration, the hard keys for this menu are not included
  • Missing Radio & CD source options for BeoMaster 5
  • After opening a previously saved configuration, some icons are in different locations on the screen to where they were when the file was saved.