Using the downloaded Logos and STB templates

The following points should be noted when using the downloaded Logo Templates:-
  • The Configuration Tool allows a Maximum of 50 channels with logos per source. i.e. Maximum of 50 for DTV and 50 Radio etc
  • By default when you drag-n-drop one of the logo templates from the menu to the configuration area all channels in the template are "Checked" you will need to "UN-check" the ones you do not want, or press the "UN-check ALL button at the botton.
  • If you use the "New" button to add a channel to the list, the name of the channel cannot be more than 11 characters long and must NOT include the character "&"
  • You should note that when using the Full Sky or Canal Logo Template, in the EDIT section of the tool you can only see the first page of the icons due to a software bug, however in "View" it works fine and the download also is correct. See below for further details.

The Extra STB templates will be found in a new directory under "Non B&O Products" called "Beoworld Provided STB"

Below is the screen you will see when you drag-n-drop any of the logo templates

If you use the "UK SKY Complete TV Channel" or "French Canal Satellite TV Stations" template, even if you only uses a few channels you will not be able click between pages of channels. In "View" mode it works find and is because of a software limitation of the Configuration Tool. Below is a typical view, note the dashes across the top of the page even if you only select one page (9 icons)