Creating XML Files using RAW data

A Brief Description

RAW is not a protocol, it is a series of hexadecimal formatted codes equal to the time in micro seconds of each transition of the transmitted infra-red signal.

The format of RAW data in the Beo5 XML file is in the form:-


where $0XXX,$0XXX is equal to the period of one pulse in hexadecimal

A typical example of the first three lines from the output from the Lintronic software using a learn't or converted code is as follows:-

Pulse, Pause in micro-seconds
02406,00582 = 2988 is START BIT and HEX value of 0966,0246
01215,00582 = 1797 is BINARY "0" and HEX value of 04BF,0246
01215,00582 = 1797 is BINARY "0" and HEX value is 04BF,0246
00582,00582 = 1164 is BINARY "1" and HEX value is 0246,0246

Each line above is equal to one period or pulse transition and the generated hexadecimal value in the XML file uses this string and provides a means to clone the original infra-red pulses exactly.