Using the Lintronic Software

To capture the 3rd party remote control infra-red codes you will need the Lintronic box and their software, but if you have the Philips PRONTO codes available from one of the many web sites for your product, then you do NOT need the Lintronic hardware.

You can download the Lintronic software HERE

Once the Lintronic software has been installed you ONLY need to use the section called "CodeLearn" which you can get to by pressing CONTROL L on the keyboard.

In the "CodeLearn" section of the Lintronic software you will only need to use one of two sections, either the pink and green section for actually capturing the Infra-red codes from your remote or purple section for converting PRONTO codes.

Lintronic CodeLearn

Lintronic Pronto Code section

Whether you are capturing the infra-red codes from the remote control or pasting a Pronto code in the window and pressing "CONVERT", the Lintronic software produces a timing diagram and when you press the HIGH/LOW key on the timing diagram as shown below you get a list of timings in micro seconds. Its this timing list which can be used to define the codes used in teh XML file
Timing diagram produced